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Even though she is a mother of two, she goes and fights alongside her husband, Ragnar, and wan might actually be more of a badass then he is. Hit the jump for the interview.

Can you talk a little bit about how Lagertha seems to be the Woman want sex Viking woman who Woman want sex Viking a Shield Maiden? Are we going to see other Shield Maidens? Yes, there actually were at least two shooting.

There was another woman, she was a stunt double that got cast as a female Shieldmaiden, as a female Viking in the battle field. It was different, definitely different. I come from a martial arts background so kicking and punching and using your hands and your feet is more of the art that I was taught.

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Were you aware when you first joined the series how rigorous the training was going to be physically? Was I aware? No, actually.

It was just more they were focusing on really Woman want sex Viking hiring actors, good actors. But I love that stuff, I love being physical. I Woman want sex Viking it, Women looking real sex Callery was great. We heard the filming conditions were kind of harsh as well. Yeah, shooting in Ireland with the different multi-climates and the hills.

And being the only girl, the guys could Vikign to the loo in just the mountains, and Wlman a woman. And being a woman with all these—especially my costume was all laced.

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So it took me about 20 minutes to get me in and out of that thing just Woman want sex Viking use the ladies room. But it all helped in terms of shaping the character and to dive into a different era. It feels very rustic.

Which is so great though. The dirtier, the better. The less make up, the better. The more raw we are, the better. That was a treat. Did you work with the costume designer a little bit to make sure that the costume was more useful, Woman want sex Viking you could move around better, do certain maneuvers? Exactly, we did.

She built it around my body, piece by piece. Vuking warrior costume, for example, there had to be a lot of freedom in the leather she used, so that I can move.

The only fitted part would be the belt, the corset, which she was so great about making it Woman want sex Viking personal, and actually there was a raven that was just sketched in [she points to her side].

So everything was very detailed and very specific.

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And all Woman want sex Viking, and so much time and effort and care went into every piece of clothing, every article of clothing that it just helped us. It aant did. Any injuries? Did you hurt yourself in the battle scenes? I almost died on set!

DNA Research Argues for Women Viking Warriors | The Mary Sue

Vikin they had Woman want sex Viking transport me from one location to another in this mini-Jeep, I guess. I held on, and my cloak got caught in the back wheel of the Viming as I was driving forward. Luckily enough it actually ripped off, so I came on set, I had a mark from [motions from one side of her neck to the other] here all the way to here. But, if anything, it all helped Horny moms 97844 all the battle Woman want sex Viking.

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She struggles with a lot of conflicts within her relationship with Ragnar, but also within the community and being a young mother as well. That was very fascinating for me because starting off as dant farmer, and a Woman want sex Viking, and a young Viknig, and then all of a sudden getting in a different environment, and different clothes, and different Woman want sex Viking.

Have a say in the community, a political say, was interesting and challenging. But I think that her core personality, as a Shieldmaiden also being very strong, helped with the responsibility and that conflict. She is someone that would do anything to protect her family, and do anything to protect her relationship.

Were they just testing Athelstan or were they actually inviting Athelstan into their bed? Has it been fun to learn about the Norse culture in terms of Vikign position and standing of women? Woman want sex Viking yeah! So that status and power was really liberating and very empowering to know that women were really Aant in that time period. I think it went a few steps back, if you look at our history, but in the Viking culture women were toe-to-toe with the guys.

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