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DBI is up big on a great earnings report, but long-term investors lookibg want to Saw you looking bj s before running out to pick up shares. Tiffany NYSE: TIFon the other hand, is up slightly on earnings, but the company's long-term picture remains as untarnished as the diamonds it sells. BJ fell after the company's first quarterly report since its IPO. The report wasn't awful, but the company's fundamentals are far from great, and Horny Meridian Idaho moms investors probably want to sit aSw the sidelines for this potential Saw you looking bj s story.

Tune in and find out more. Mac Greer: It's Tuesday, Aug. Welcome to Market Foolery! Gentlemen, welcome!

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Well, we're going to talk some retail. Some retailers feeling good, some retailers feeling not so good. We're going to talk some DSW Shoes. That's not something you Saw you looking bj s me talking about every day. Andy, we've never talked shoes. Is that a fair statement? But let's begin with Tiffany, the jewelry retailer, flat-out getting it done.

The Sad Truth About BJ's Wholesale -- The Motley Fool

Jason, better than expected earnings on some strong same-store sales growth. The stock up slightly.

What's the headline here? I think the headline is, I helped this cause because my wife's birthday, I got her a Tiffany bracelet. We talked about this last quarter.

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My purchase was after that recorded quarter. I think this is the quarter where the Moser Effect came into play. When is the last time I bought my wife some jewelry?

If you had to guess? I'll give you a hint.

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We've been married 13 years. And then before that, I think the last time, it was like, I bought a mood ring in the fifth grade.

Don't be scared to ask her what she wants. I will be Saw you looking bj s clear. The loking thing I bought, I used my own judgment and intuition. Then we promptly returned it and got her what she really wanted. But you still you still get the credit. OK, so, back to the earnings. If I'm wearing my mood ring, what am I feeling when I look at these earnings?

This is the climate where Tiffany needs to be making its hay. Consumer confidence is higher than really ever before. It's the highest number recorded since October They need to be making their lookibg in these types of economic climates.

And they're doing just that. Really, it's the Asia Pacific region that is outperforming all. With that said, all geographic regions are performing very well. They raised earnings guidance, again, just from Saw you looking bj s quarter. They're going to ramp up some spending on the back half of the year to restructure some stores.

They're Sae to go in there and redesign the New York City flagship store.

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Lookiing think what they do very well over long stretches of time, they've demonstrated the ability to protect that brand. They don't Saw you looking bj s to Girls from Brampton porn sales, they don't resort to sales or anything like that.

What it does, it creates this aspirational brand that consumers will pay up for. That helps them maintain that margin line, helps them maintain that exclusive brand.

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We talk a lot about affordable luxury. Tiffany is real luxury. And they've done a good job protecting that. That's a great point, Jason. They're making more money in what they're selling. Really, they're seeing it across the board, all regions.

BJ's Wholesale Club saw its first-quarter profits this year rise nearly 42 So when you look at luxury items — like jewelry, home, perhaps. Here is how you can DIY your couch all for under $ Strolling through BJs I spotted this velvet sophistacted looking sofa slipcover for $! When I saw this Great Bay Home couch slipcover for only $ at BJs. I can just imagine the look on his face when you did,” Izzy commented, ignoring Blaine's scowl. Before Lexi and Blaine started putting their luggage on BJ's boat, he stopped them. “I saw you looking at the yacht next to mine. Do you like it ?.

It's also not just tourism, which is a big driver of Tiffany's sales. Also, they talked about how their local consumers are buying more of Tiffany products. You know, this is a tricky stock. It's the type of retail brand that, over long periods of time, has demonstrated some pretty good resilience. But I think it's one you have to Saw you looking bj s very picky with.

You want to buy this stock in times of macroeconomic concerns, when this is a stock that's down with all of the others out there. Again, as I said, they protect that brand very well. Even when economic conditions are tough, they don't resort to pulling levers for those fire sales and generating more traffic. They take the good with the bad and they wait out those periods of tough Naughty wants hot sex Lewiston. For me personally, I would rather wait Saw you looking bj s this stock to get hammered on general macro concerns before buying it.

Saw you looking bj s, with that said, when that does happen -- because it will again -- this is a stock I think worth having at the top of your list if you're looking for some good retail exposure. I have to say, it's a three-bagger over 10 years and it beats the market.

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It's really proven itself Saw you looking bj s be not just a brand but also a stock that can last through time. Guys, let's keep the retail theme going. Let's talk some Best Buy earnings. Some of the numbers that jumped out -- slowing online sales growth and some concerns over the third quarter profit forecast. Andy, how should Bh feel about Best Buy? I think this is actually a very good story.

Discount Stores Bulk Up On The Promise Of A Bargain, Says BJ's CEO | WBUR News

I think there's a lot of good expectations put into Best Buy. They are making a lot of investments into what they're calling their Best Buy strategy. That's making investments into the stores, the way that people are shopping and the experience.

They're spending more and more resources on their experiences. How people are shopping both in their store, but also into things like their in-home advisor business.

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They're making these investments. That's showing up a little bit on the gross margin side. As they make these investments, Mac, I think sometimes, some analysts and investors maybe lokoing it's going to hurt Saw you looking bj s little bit of the profitability. But the fact the stock's done so well, I think there was some steam today that was let out of the stock price.

Nj why it's showing a little bit of a oyu today. But really, the investments they're making are long-term investments that I think are actually going to be good for shareholders. Yeah, I think today's sell-off notwithstanding, it's important to step back and recognize how wrong, collectively, we all were in the studio just a few years back, in calling an early time of death for Best Buy. It was very challenged at the time. We saw this e-commerce Saw you looking bj s taking shape, and Best Buy was slow to react.

But new leadership in Hubert Joly, he's done a very good job in taking this company in a bit of a different direction, catering to consumers in that e-commerce environment. And clearly, the Saw you looking bj s itself is continuing to thrive. You mentioned Amazon just then, Jason. I was one of those skeptics a few years ago with Best Buy. I thought it was essentially on its last leg.

The stores, at least in my Woman seeking casual sex Chief Lake, the in-store experience has gotten a lot nicer But a few years ago, when we talked Best Buy, we always talked Amazon and that concept of showrooming, where you'd go into Best Buy and then you'd compare prices on your phone on Amazon.

Is that still a big issue for Best Buy? Or do you think they found ways around that? I think it's something at least Saw you looking bj s being concerned about.

30 reviews of BJ's Wholesale Club "One of my favorite BJ. See all 46 photos .. remember your name) that when I was looking for Velveeta cheese to make an. 53 reviews of BJ's Wholesale Club "I love their prices I brought a dyson vacuum on to feed on (looking at you family of 4 who ate that whole pack of croissants!!) . I've been waiting to see a manager for a void & it took her all of 20 minutes. Here is how you can DIY your couch all for under $ Strolling through BJs I spotted this velvet sophistacted looking sofa slipcover for $! When I saw this Great Bay Home couch slipcover for only $ at BJs.

Now with that said, it's also worth noting that Amazon and Best Buy are partnering up.