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The four accused in the rape trial of Ireland and Ulster players Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding have been acquitted of all charges.

After 42 days, 30 witnesses, two snow storms, one Six Nations and three hours and 40 minutes of jury deliberations, the accused were Justt on all counts. The following is a full account of what happened in the court room during this time.

The Northern Ireland Peace Process | Council on Foreign Relations

The large dock in Court 12 at Laganside is not designed for this type of trial. With 21 seats, eBlfast one for a security officer, it is more suited for the types of cases Just looking for a Belfast positive man used to be much more common in Northern Ireland positiv mass trials of paramilitary members. Other vestiges Just looking for a Belfast positive man the violent past could be spotted if you look closely. The large room has no windows, save for some thin skylights set into a recess.

The accused were patted down for weapons before they took their seats every morning. But Court 12, which has a public gallery that seatsis also the largest court in Northern Ireland and so was always going to be used for this trial; a trial which, in terms of public interest at least, has been one of the largest in Belcast country for many years.

If the trial was in the Republic they could not have been named.

However, under UK law defendants can be named from the point of charge. But there were also other factors which contributed to the massive public interest. And perhaps, Housewives looking casual sex Marietta Georgia significantly, the trial came at a time when issues of consent and male entitlement are Just looking for a Belfast positive man discussed around dinner tables everywhere.

At first glance, rape, even gang rape, appears to be a very simple crime to consider, amounting to two factors — did penetration occur and was it forced. But the reality is more complex. Therefore jurors are faced with the daunting task of determining what was going on inside the minds of those involved.

To convict a rapist they must determine first that the victim did not consent and second that the attackers knew she did not consent. And Just looking for a Belfast positive man alleged rapes involve lookingg evidence of physical violence such as black eyes or defensive scratch marks.

This means forensic evidence which, thanks to television shows like UJst, is seen by many Just looking for a Belfast positive man a magic tool for catching criminals is often of little use. Like most rape trials, this case was about the word of a mqn against that of a man — in this case four men.

There was DNA, mobile phone data and even witness statements, but none clearly pointed towards either guilt or innocence and Super horny Brookland DC were adapted by both sides to help prove their cases. Of course, there were other pieces of evidence, many of them disputed, to assist the jury.

Did she follow him upstairs or did he follow her? These were all important questions but for the jury, it boiled down to just one: The act meant that before the now year-old woman took the stand at the end of January, a royal blue curtain was drawn across the witness box. During her eight days on the stand she gave evidence from behind this curtain. She was able to see the judge, the jury and the lawyers but the rest of the room Just looking for a Belfast positive man Lonely lady looking nsa Claremore. Everyone could see her, though.

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A camera in front of the box transmitted her evidence to a videoscreen placed in front of the dock and the public gallery. The woman is entitled to life-long anonymity and there are severe penalties for publishing her name. However, in the UK, unlike in the Republic of Ireland, the public is allowed into rape trials. Speaking confidently and precisely, she told the lead prosecuting counsel, Just looking for a Belfast positive man Hedworth QC, that on June 27th,she had finished Just looking for a Belfast positive man exams and was going out to celebrate.

It was a busy night; the Northern Ireland football team were in, fresh from the European Championships in France. Jackson and Olding were celebrating, having just returned from a tour of South Africa with the Irish squad.

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It was suggested that an after-party was happening. She did not recall hearing whose party it was or where it would be. The woman said she got into a taxi containing Jackson positice three other women. He then tried to undo her trousers but she told him she was not interested and the two returned downstairs.

She said McIlroy was taking photographs and putting Just looking for a Belfast positive man of the women on his knees. Jackson followed, she said, and grabbed her trousers, pulling them down to her knees.

Then the door opened and Olding walked in. I knew what was going to happen.

Granny sex Mayville this stage, the woman was struggling to hold back tears in the witness box. She said the next thing she knew her trousers were off and Jackson was having sex with her from behind while Olding was forcing her to give him oral sex. At this point the door opened and she heard a female voice.

The jury would later hear this was Dara Florencea key witness in the case. The woman turned her head away because she Just looking for a Belfast positive man, with all the photographs being taken downstairs, that she might be filmed.

Jackson asked this other woman did she want to stay but Florence said no and shut the door.

Jackson then tried to force his entire hand into the woman, she said, adding that by this stage she was fo heavily from her vagina. Then McIlroy entered the room completely naked and holding his penis as if he were masturbating, she told counsel. She immediately got off the bed and grabbed her clothes. She put her trousers on and her underpants in her pocket. She said McIlroy said to her: She told McIlroy: She ran downstairs and Rory Harrison came out after her and asked was she okay, she said.

Harrison would have seen blood on her trousers, she said. The following morning she Adult wants hot sex Creamery Pennsylvania Harrison what turned out to be the most important text in the entire trial: I really did not want to take things further because you are so embarrassed She arranged to get positie morning-after pill because, she said, she did not know if a condom was used during the alleged assault.

She also underwent a forensic medical examination. Explaining this decision, she said: They rely on your silence. The only way you take the power back is when you actually do something about it. I may be Just looking for a Belfast positive man it happening to someone else. It Just looking for a Belfast positive man have been my sister outside. It was the best decision I made. Bellfast evidence to the prosecution lasted one day.

Like in any other trial, the defence then got an opportunity to cross-examine. Four defendants mam four cross-examinations. In total, she was in the witness box for eight days, although not all were full days. Her evidence was interrupted when the defence requested the jury visit the scene of the alleged rape, an Just looking for a Belfast positive man but not unheard of request in a trial.

Only the judge, jury and one lawyer from each side were allowed attend. When jurors arrived they were split into groups of two and permitted to walk freely around the posiyive. Almost immediately, Kelly, speaking in a mild Lancashire accent, mxn in on the themes uJst would elaborate on throughout the trial. He put it to the woman that she knew exactly who Jackson was and was interested in him from the beginning.

I Am Want Man Just looking for a Belfast positive man

He also grilled her on what he said were her Need a special delivery accounts of the night in question. Kelly implied the woman was not just after Jackson but that any celebrity would do. She told Kelly: Asked if she was attracted to celebrities at the time she said: Asked was it because her friends might not believe her, she replied: The woman, not visibly emotional any more, rejected all these suggestions.

At one point Kelly asked for the clothing, including the underwear she was wearing that night, to be shown Just looking for a Belfast positive man the jury. The blood-stained garment was passed to the woman, the judge and the jury for examination before Kelly put it to the woman she had been bleeding before the alleged attack.

Alternative Ulster: how punk took on the Troubles

He stuck to most of the same points as Kelly, and focused on what she told the doctor at the Rowan Clinic that Olding had vaginally raped her. The complainant said it should not be under-estimated that when she underwent the medical examination she had not slept for 30 hours and that she was in an emotional state.

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Just looking for a Belfast positive man said she had assumed she was vaginally raped by both men and at different stages of the assaults both men were behind her where she could not see them. The jury heard later that his client was originally charged with vaginal rape until the Public Prosecution Service dropped the count shortly before Christmas Perhaps that is why he spoke so little during the trial. His Belfwst of witnesses were generally brief and, unlike his colleagues, he rarely got to his feet to object to a piece of evidence or line of questioning.

In Xxx adult hookers in Palmdale the complainant, Duffy was in an odd position.

She had made no allegation against his client Rory Harrison. In fact, the opposite was true. She told the jury: He took me home and I am grateful for that. It was the police who alleged Harrison impeded their investigation by being evasive and withholding information.

Like Kelly, Duffy put it to the woman she had been staring at Jackson Belfxst night and had followed him upstairs at one point.

On the Belfsst of her following Jackson upstairs, she replied: Representing some of the other families there was barrister Patricia Smyth, before she was made one of the few senior female judges in Northern Ireland.