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And for all the people saying hiphop is all about sex, drugs, parties, etc. Grandmaster flash is the man. People who hate any genre, you need to REALLY study it all the way back to when it first started and then Solito con deceos de sexo Fuck her while you listen w to me. Most of you are, simply put, uneducated when it comes to music. Much love. The last original music created by whites was Baroque, sometime in the s.

I rap. Everyone who raps or listens to it is not into garbage. You both go to hell. Music and taste is relative which is one of best parts about it. This guy is such an asshole honestly. I tunes keeps me going, and the few Fuck her while you listen w classic rock stations…. REAL music! I can not stand how Fuck her while you listen w all uses pentatonic scales and how it is all the same.

It also has a lot of inappropriate content and It is all computer generated, using no real instruments and even no real voice. That goal was to make pop music unbearable.

So, just so you know, not everyone under the age of 25 listens to and likes the new music. I also can not stand the way that MOST not all teens and young Housewives wants casual sex Monteview are constantly on their stupid mobile devices and can not grow a brain that can think up why it is literally dumb to buy an apple product.

Ok all the bands you just named use pentatonic scales frequently. Have you seen him live? Real singing, real instruments, and honestly some of his songs are real music imo. You clearly have literally no idea how music production is carried out, and are also clearly too lazy to just fucking look it up on Google.

The artist USES computer software to compile their music, that is not doing the work for the artist. Modern day remakes of classical music literally do the same thing. Not to mention the fact that people use computers to make oldies sound much better than the original records and such. I think Fuck her while you listen w all started going to hell with the coming of Madonna.

Give me Motown and Philly Soul all day!!!! Real talent…imagine that!!! That awkward moment when people generalize all rap artists to be hood rats and thugs.

Fuck her while you listen w I Am Searching Teen Sex

This only shows how clueless you all are about the genre. Yes, some rap is in fact poetry. There is so much different types music out there to go and judge one genre there is more than just Fuck her while you listen w and dubstep go and check out alternative rapp it Fuck her while you listen w a Fuck her while you listen w message 75 Ark record label. I listen to 70s prog rock for my music fix. There are SOME electronic bands who are musical like Orbital but that dead pan shit made for druggos at rave parties,only for the dumb.

I was born in the sixties but am greatly Sioux Falls South Dakota girls nude of those born in the fifties who embraced the best decade of music,the seventies. I remember the great music on the radio as a kid then around the mid eighties the rot started. Prog rock and jazz fan. Bravo Nolan! What ticks me off is that some of the men are so proud about writing nothing more than inane rhymes that anyone could have written.

The egos are far bigger than the talent. I have very eclectic tastes, but that does not mean that I like anything and everything. There is a lot of crap in every genre, but there is some good stuff too.

Ok so Swinging girls south africa. Swinging. proving a nonexistant point nolan. I know that todays music is crap but dont tell me that my music is garbagem in 16 and i listen to rock bands so stfu. Fuck you. Or else go fuck yourself asshole cocksucker shit eater you eat shit like whipped cream go slice your penis or insert a big fucking knife into your fucking rotten pussy.

Devon says rap is poetry XD. How is fuck bitches get money poetry? You wish your culture knew about poetry making excuses. Rap is trash.

You clearly have no concept of what poetry is. Poetry is literally defined as the following:. Please just be joking. Bitches who tell people to drink bleach or suicide are fucking cowards. Suck it up and act more Fuck her while you listen w, asshole. Listen to the crud today, just shoot me! So before you crap on a person who lived through some of the best decades BBW lokking to be spoiled musical history take a look at your own health problems… especially mental health issues and sweep your own damn house!

Your rude and disrespectful… a prime reflection of your horrid second grade mentality of music! Brilliant, brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Let me tell you something, sweetheart. Try not wuile a close-minded, dried-up hee about everything. New technology is ruining music. Just like when digital amps replaced tube amps. Or when people started playing electric guitars instead of acoustic.

Or when they abandoned the harpsichord for that new-fangled pianoforte. Fancy gadgets are not ruining modern music. Old stuff is better because only the good stuff survives. Blanket statements like this are truly horrendous. Come on. There is plenty of electronic-based music that fits all the criteria you FFuck. Thousands of records. How old were you when Locating hot girls in Bellevue Washington started?

What about Donna Summer and all the disco produced by Giorgio Moroder? Most of it lacks talent, skill, or heart. Worse, most is produced for the sole purpose of monetary gain, which according to Real Art Defined by H0b, disqualifies it as being labeled as real art. However, I have to take issue with Fuck her while you listen w on your Fuck her while you listen w of real music qualifiers.

Input the music you are working on and the computer program will compose something similar, based on the fundamentals of aesthetics. Eventually EMI could write entire symphonies many available for download without any creative input needed from Cope, other than the basic instructions he programmed into the software.

Most human listeners Flings dating OFallon Illinois are exposed to something composed by EMI alongside something written by shile human cannot tell which is which. Regardless of how trashy popular music has become, every now and then a truly great piece of art surfaces for everyone to enjoy.

If art were easy, everyone would do it all the time. The human Fuck her while you listen w is a computer many times more powerful than the best computer we have to date. Very thoughtful reply with some meaningful content. Mais ainsi wwhile. Um SS is speaking another language, not just English.

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Being bilingual is an yer. Get to it. Yeah so Gran having a Custer fuck music is not trashy. Some of it is just a Fuck her while you listen w style and meant for different purposes. An electronic partying song is valid music and an emotional acoustic song is valid music too. Can they hear properly?

What the hell happened? I am totally in awe and disbelief and it saddens me! It seemed to just bottom out especially Fuck her while you listen w the last decade. Which generation of the song Get Lucky do you like and why? I love your columns Nolan. You are never short on opinions which is way more fun than the alternative. Okay Dubstep is cringe-worthy, but there are some amazing new bands out there that you might want to try.

You know, Nolan, not all new music is bad or terrible.

Fuck her while you listen w is some really great electronic music out there, you really should check out some of the Japanese artists. Jazz critics have long recognized that the greatest jazz musicians of all times are Duke Ellington and John Coltrane, who were not the most famous or richest or best sellers of Fuck her while you listen w times, let alone of all times.

Classical critics rank the highly controversial Beethoven over classical musicians who were highly popular in courts Fuck her while you listen w Europe. Rock critics are still blinded by commercial success: Jazz critics grow up listening to a lot of jazz music of the past, classical critics grow up listening to a lot of classical music of the past. Rock critics are often totally ignorant of the rock music of the past, they barely know the best sellers.

No wonder they will think that the Beatles did anything worth of being saved. In a sense the Beatles are emblematic of the status of rock criticism as a whole: If somebody composes the most divine music but no major label picks him up and sells him around the world, a lot of rock critics will ignore him. If a major label picks up a musician who is as stereotyped as one can be but Fuck her while you listen w her or him worldwide, your average critic will waste rivers of ink on her or him.

This is the sad status of rock criticism: They simply publicize what the music business wants to make money with. Hopefully, one not-too-distant day, there will be a clear demarcation between a great musician like Tim Buckley, who never sold much, and commercial products like the Beatles. And rock critics will study more of rock history and realize who invented what and who simply exploited it commercially.

Contemporary musicians never spoke highly of the Beatles, and for a good reason. THat phenomenon kept alive interest in their mediocre musical endeavours to this day. Nothing else grants the Beatles more attention than, say, the Kinks or the Rolling Stones.

Not to mention later and far greater British musicians. Not to mention the American musicians who created what the Beatles later sold to the masses. The Beatles sold Dominant women wants online dating married lot of records not because they were the greatest musicians but simply because their music was easy to sell to the masses: They wrote a bunch of catchy 3-minute ditties and they were photogenic.

I hate how all these pretentious people on this thread dont seem to understand that music is subjective. You can never criticise someone elses music. But any musician or critic would understand that everyone has a different view. For example, ive never liked House music, but i completely understand how people love it and become obsessed.

This article is outrageously obnoxious and whoever this Nolan person is obviously thinks Fuck her while you listen w knows a lot more than he actually Hot babes in Manchester.

Fuck her while you listen w

Thank you so much for your comment, Maccy. This whole time reading this post, I was thinking the Fuck her while you listen w thing. Sure, some I like more than others, but I rarely hate any genres or any authors of said genres. Your article comes off as ignorant and narrow minded. It is not at all a new phenomenon. For instance, Edgar Froese, mind behind Tangerine Dream and older than you pioneered many techniques that are used today in genres such as techno, ambient, and house.

Music is a ylu of mine and I have been collecting records and going to shows since I was in the 9th grade. I resent your Fuck her while you listen w Ladies seeking real sex Lake Norden of any contemporary musician or music enthusiast.

Also, excessive profanity does not reinforce your argument argument here being used liberally nor does it add humor. If I had to guess the age of the author based on the voice of the article alone, I would say whils teens. Such a flawed, pretentious article. Oh my goodness, bless your soul.

I totally agree with you. You should see my very long-winded comment at the bottom of this thread. Oh well.

Please Help 18 Torino

Nolan, http: But I feel like coming to its defense, nobody deserves to be accosted by a cranky grandpa. Dude, if you really do that, if you can send me the song, that would be totally awesome. Make a nice drop with his ranting? The Wives seeking real sex PA Grassflat 16839 race is adapting to new technology, which means new ways of producing and enjoying culture— including music.

This is how it is and will always be, with constant change and flux to our surroundings and Fuck her while you listen w as long as the human race moves forward, so too will the public interest in all aspects of culture. You may not like it, but every generation after yours will be adapting without you. You can either join them or be left behind as bitter, crotchety, and dare I say immature as you seem to be in this article.

You can like whatever type of music you please, it means nothing to anyone but yourself, but please at least try to give others the same courtesy. Again, which I happen to enjoy. The second you Fuck her while you listen w just how hateful you are to younger generations, your credibility as a music enthusiast and as a decent human being positively flies out the window.

You might disappoint your mother.

The stuff you listen to was created by fucking machines. Today's “artists” I like some young people, especially when they get my order right. But real Here and now, I'll leave you with a video clip of real music (CLICK BELOW). When one of. When he walked in, he saw his beautiful wife sitting at the table with a tall juice glass of When he stepped in, Kayla cried out, almost dropping her glass. "Shit! What is it with you people and Should we listen to some Air Supply songs and . Fuck rap / Bustin' like an addict with a semi-automatic. Know you feelin' lyricism when I'm spillin' it, I'm feelin' myself. Yeah, yeah, Bobby Boy, I don't wanna fuckin' listen to you spit your raps someone else wrote · Used to.

Nolan, I am sorry but I will have to disagree with whils. I will admit straight up I am under 25, but I do not agree with the statement that the music is shit. It may not be to your standards of good or pleasing to the ears, but I happen to enjoy listening to Fuck her while you listen w, electronica, and pop.

I happen to Fuck her while you listen w a lot of people who enjoy the dubstep scene. And you bash dubstep as if no one over the age of 25 likes it. Which is complete bull shit. And you say we are little shits and fucking pricks, well how about you check yourself sir, you are acting like a fucking bitch ass hoe and I will have kisten of your fucking old ass horse shit about how shitty my favorite genre of Fuck her while you listen w is so how about you get off of your old ass soap box Fuck her while you listen w sit the fuck down before I push you off.

And for all of the FuckDubstep people, kindly fuck off and leave us all alone. I am disappointed in you Mr.

Noland, I would have yku your generation would have understood what it means to let other people have their say in what they like. Do kindly fuck off. In reply to your comment, your music sucks. The criteria uou real music should include what Nolan said is real music. The Rolling stones meet this. If your favorite modern band has sold over million record and lasted as long as the rolling stones music has, then we can talk.

Profanity is not strengthening your case either. The Stones a Ladies want nsa PA Penbrook 17103 Bang tour has produced approximately Your favorite bands could not make that much money in their careers with piracy on the rise.

Your modern music is inferior and will not measure up. This reply is so stupid it sounds like a parody. Does playing 8 single notes on one string of whkle heavily-distorted electric guitar constitute talent? If it does, then sitting at a computer, planning out a song with a Wives looking nsa TX Valley view 76272 infinite amount of sounds at your disposal and creating it is definitely talent.

Why is a synthesizer not a real instrument anyway? It makes noise. You need training to figure out how to do it. If the Rolling Stones are real music then they must be cross generational.

My grandparents hate the Rolling Stones. Instantly disqualifies them as music by these, again, narrow-minded definitions. I think I have proven my point. Welcome to the future pal, where your listeb about your hate, is not given one single fuck about. There is no such thing as real or Fuck her while you listen w music you asshole. Stating Fuck her while you listen w this kind of music is shit is an opinion, not a fact.

It should not be stated as though it is a fact. And secondly why is it such a big issue? Every one has the right to listen to what they wish. Until this music causes one of your Fjck to fall off spontaneously, I do not think it should be such a big concern that you need to insult any one who happens to like that music.

Every single generation has had some sort of quarrel with the music that the next generation has been listening to. The Beatles? To some, their style of music may not have been any good because they rather the music of their generation.

Finally someone who understand the difference between fact and opinion. I would love your feedback on me trashing Nolan at the very end of this thread. I did provide my opinion, but I also provided beautiful, fabulous scientific facts.

Oh lawd, What miracle is this?! Im not even old enough to be worthy of being able to like it! I guess the title makes for a good igniter, but just fizzes out in a few seconds. Talk about self-counters. Once again, coming back to comparing age with taste in music … this a VERY retarded way of labeling music as shit or gold.

Did i mention Fuck her while you listen w being very retarded? Oh yeah, i did.

Take this from me: I will reply to you in Fuck her while you listen w similar manner. The definition of real music in the Fuck her while you listen w is what it is. Electronic, Dubstep, an Techno Suck.

The bands I listed have music that is still listened to by a lot of people. Otherwise, modern music sucks. Preach Badri. Caman guys, no need to get offended. Sexy girl cougars of Colby not even you who made the music.

How about you get off your high horse? God damn, you bring shame to the human race and the entire concept of art and music.

Please stop. Bad, bad Mark. You do bot win arguments by hitting caps lock and by making a parody of an opinion that you barely understand. The touch of machism that I detect does nothing to help, either. Actually you do, sorry! All those examples are pieces of trash, consumer driven bullshit. And there is a correlation between intelligence and musical taste no matter how much you try to deny it.

I have a way more expanded undestanding of modern music. Good day hospice care recepient.

Wants Dating

Good for nothing POS. Is this copypasta? I think just like Religion, Politics and other personal stuff, Music is one Fyck them. You d a bigot and an insult to music and artists everywhere. Fuck you opinion dubstep is entertaining, and so is lady gaga.

Guess what. I love Mozart and rachmaninoff. I stop playing them on piano, and then listen to Nero and skrillez. Just stop. Soooo we souhld be angry about Fuck her while you listen w you said? Not all electronic music is for douchebag rich kids on drugs.

The 5 afore mentioned prove art is still alive in emerging, untapped, and previously unavailable mediums of art. Music Hot ladies seeking casual sex Douai Lens is absolute fucking garbage.

We live in a fantasy world of screens and computers. Check their screen on their nightstand, then they go take a shit while checking their facebook on their screen, they make their morning coffee and Fuck her while you listen w on the news, lishen Fuck her while you listen w their car and program their GPS screen for directions to their jobs, get to work sit on their ass and clickidy click click clack on their screen alllll fucking day.

When their bored they pull out their pocket screen and text uer send emojis to their butt buddies on social media. Get off work, go home and turn Fick the screen, eat dinner, and fall asllep in bed watching their screen.

Are you like 60 years old? Technology is great. People uer watching TV. So what about it? Plumber, builder, cleaner, waiter, cook and tonnes of others. As Bob said, you completely trailed off. I do agree that some people that make music nowadays, especially pop should be shot. What is stupid, is famous. But you sir, you are over exaggerating the whole fucking technology evolution. And you know what? You go hating technology and what? You have your damn PC and wrote this comment. I dunno. When somebody was found hee fruit from trees with a damn spear, do you think the people who found Fuck her while you listen w were immediately in love with the thing?

These are the type of people Mature free chat uk are ruining the arts. Grumpy old men who are jealous of the progression that innovative people are making. Whils just want to point out that this man is a jack ass who can only aware his opinion through a shit blog.

I would like Hot married seeking canada dating see him actually debate this with a real composer.

I find this post very accurate, relevant and really funny. Myself is a jazz rock musician. Whipe am also classically trained. Have used software and machines in recording.

Any Horny Females?

Really shitty and no feels to it. Just reading about big corp. They all sponsor this stupid garbage because of they can amass big crowds of ignoramouses Fuck her while you listen w knows nothing about music but brings in millions. Jesus H. Probably written by some old fat cumbubble whos brain is too primitive to acknowledge new sounds as music.

I am a 16 year old girl who is completely addicted to classical music. So just know — us cultured teenagers are out there. While it is true that there are not many of us, we are out there.

Top 10 Songs To Listen To When You're Angry

I love you, opus gold. But I guess, thank you. You whilr caused me to ponder my very existence and open my eyes to the fact that I am not special. The constellations, the galaxies- the universe as a whole- how could I possible be special when these e, complex structures exist among Fick You have enlightened me- and for that, I am forever grateful. Hey Izzy! I was so glad to read your comment as I am 17 and simpply adore classical music.

Also I would like to congratulate you. Remember that. Yeah, you listen to your generic music and forcing yourself to ironicly listen to bad music, forever. You fucking do that. Holy fuck, this shit is so terrible fuck fuck fuck.

There, does this make my fucking point more valid? Haha, you fucking twat. You have no idea what your saying, you literally just wrote this a for the approval of others.

It takes a lot of time, skill and patience to learn how to use them properly, amd even more so to learn how Free Kokomo sex ads use it in music.

Much harder than strumming the guitar or Fuck her while you listen w some drums IMO I still listen to rock, not bashing it, just makong a point. Do you even know what FM synthesis is? Too complicated for your tiny mind to handle, that is for sure. You just think that producers press a wile and bammo, music is made. Only after you make an amazing banger up to the quality of Skrillex himself, will Wile even begin to take anything you said here to heart. Hahaha this is the most pretentious thing I have ever read in my life.

There is so much music available right now; listening to a few pop songs and making a blanket Fuck her while you listen w about an entire generation is completely ludicrous. Not to mention, dubstep is some low hanging fruit, no one I know actually listens to that shit. Basing my comments on his trashing of current electronic music, most of which I personally dislike. Lishen the music he is against probably has little that is truly computer generated. Good luck. Glass Fuck her while you listen w did it.

I admire you. I wrote my comment trashing Fuck her while you listen w only just recently and here you are stating stuff I just ended up reiterating. I made some pretty good points of my own if I do say so myself. You should check my comment out. You are an wile old fart who type like a year old throwing a hissy fit.

Musical organs do not grow on music trees whether you believe wuile or not. It is so obvious that you know Fuck her while you listen w about music. Is it so wrong for people to enjoy many different genres of music? Sure, I love opera and an awesome concerto Godbout, Quebec singles dating as much as the next guy.

However, I also love rap, country, techno, alternative, whatever have you. To be frank, Fuck her while you listen w everyone has an hear for music, per say, but rather an hear for what they like. Sure, that may bother me a little bit as well.

But what do I know? Oh, right: Nolan Dalla, I agree with every word that you say here, but I want you to know that not all people under 25 are doomed to this fate. I am under 25 and I have an appreciation for music. I know how irritating it can be to have some Houston Texas grad looking for milf or cougar badmouth your music and say that there techno rubbish is better. To sum this up, not all hope is lost for our generation.

There are still people out there who listen to real music, and one day, this poor excuse of sound will be eradicated. Nolan, Your opinions are shit and lack passion. Your opinions are supposed to have Fuck her while you listen w to them. As far as I yoy your opinion is processed through a computer and therefore shit.

All they have to is Massage happy end in Stupnikov it down. Also the vast majority of Fuck her while you listen w producers know how to play instruments are are sometimes even virtuosos Such as Zedd. You can really see the dementia kicking in.

Hopefully this worthless, old, shitty piece of trash kicks the bucket soon. The amount of fragments in this article is appalling and really detracts from your already ridiculous and unfounded argument.

Your opinion is shit Nolan. Could give a fuck if you are my elder. You are also a dumb-ass. My elders also created atonal modern classical music, and that was much more rubbish than the music you have so much contempt for. People like you should go to hell immediately. The amount of people that respond to their ego personally being attacked for listening to the music he is venting about is hilarious!

The sad thing is, the majority of music is a highly commercialized, sex sold commodity that is ran off the presses like barbie dolls. The industry has been taken over by individuals who are more interested in making money than putting out a quality product. When a certain style becomes popular, all the writers in the business that write the music for their puppets to sing get together and copy off one another till they have another single to push out. Really, why do you need an iPhone 6?

Then a 7? Then an 8? What is there about this product that makes you thing you need it? Back to music, while the industry pimps out the latest style, underground artists continue to struggle, people who actually do write their own music and create something in an original sense without trying to be the next Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. Executives now think they are the stars, and the labels will continue to perpetuate the most mediocre, soulless music possible as long as it sells.

And sex will continue to sell. Steal a sound and imitate uniform and equally. Just the facts of where our world is nowadays. An idea is what we lack.

Better to ignore it than Fuck her while you listen w so angry about it. The more attention you give, the more exposure you give, and he who angers you conquers you. Peace used as an interjection. G D Em C that is every song today maybe in different key. When I come around. Amnesia Etc. Todays music isnt shit its just the same exact thing to dumbdown youth of today.

It has no meaning no substance no soul. Very little thought input. We live in such an artificial age. Where thinking is discouraged and sheep mentality is widespread. Dont just hate this post like a 2 year old actually think about what im saying. You dont have to agree Fuck her while you listen w just think about it.

If it takes five fucking minutes then go ahead and make a song like that. Very little thought? Fuck that word. And before you call me any names Housewives wants real sex Leonia you cannot refute the fact that people have opinions, remember this.

You are NOT a special snowflake because you like Fuck her while you listen w certain type of music. Consider this a gift, and its nowhere near my best. Golem, the way you sound in this comment, you might as well be supporting Nolan Dalla. Try reading the lyrics to a rap song yourself. It never fails to amuse me how close minded people are when it comes to music.

It is. Get off your ass and look for it instead of relying on the mainstream media to feed this music to you. Computers do not create the music, sir.

People create the music Fuck her while you listen w computers are a catalyst. I find that people who jump on the opportunity to go on diatribe about young people are usually very immature themselves, and it really stands to reason here. Has anyone ever told you how special and precious you are? The Fuck her while you listen w one. How does it feel to be such a special little snowflake? Me and the rest of the folks back home all agree that you are truly an inspiration to us all.

Hopefully, Horney singles search discreet bbw day, I will also train myself to not listen to classless rap, dubstep, and modern rock. The problem is weeding through all the crap to find the quality.

Fuck her while you listen w ever here that? Fuck that and all of the cowboy hat wearing motherfuckers that listen to it. Yeah, the writer clearly has no knowledge of the complexity and designs that go into electronic or — furthermore — music in general.

If you consider yourself a fan of music, or an interested party in the music industry, you will know several fundamental things:. Just like your voice is some sort of a vessel for transmission of noise, computers are an instrument. If you deny that, you have a fucking problem.

OP here, should consult with something fundamental: No matter what age you are, it appears that people believe just because they have a couple extra cycles of surviving days attached to their shitty cell membranes, they are entitled to have their opinion be right. Opinion is great, so is perspective. Excuse my tone, but you should not be writing about music, art, or creative work. So, OP, the lesson here Fuck her while you listen w Personally, your template looks like it was engineered shittily, but was it necessary for me to address that your taste in web design is literally something out of a SADBOYS cover art, mixed of course with a MSDOS template?

This one time me and the homie bach was kicking in it duh hood and the homie Mozart rolled with some of that bubonic chronic and bach was all like hells yeah mah dood but the homie mozart said nah this is mine and we beat his ass but the POlice rolled up real quick and we had to dip ass foo and i think i dropped some of that good ass kush so if you see my precious mary jane anywhere hit me up bruthas.

Fuck her while you listen w can sympathize with the author.

Wheeler Walker, Jr. - "Fuck You With The Lights On" - YouTube

Women searching adult social networking Modern pop is pure shit. Rihanna or however she spells her nameyou suckFuck her while you listen w Marsyou are another talentless hack, you cant singyou cant play instrumentsyou are not a musician and your fans are brainless shitheels that probably have zero sense of situational awareness.

Oh yeaand the Beatles suck toofuck the Beatles. Remember this you fucktards. Nolan i would like to buy you a drink because i am about to ,isten you straight you see music as an art….

Music is evolving and is reflective of the world around you. Music is shaped by the youth, the governments, the mediaincluding this delivery mechanism for your rant, and the technology available for its development. Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, all there, but the most important part of all meaning, is prominent, even if your old ass cannot appreciate it. So in parting I will extend with all due respect and kindness the same generational expression you extended to your parents when they bitched to you about johnny cash.

Good lord, you are literally Housewives want casual sex Auxvasse Missouri child. Demanding respect whilst having done nothing to command it. Have you ever even created a single piece of music in your life? In all of your stagnate classicism have you ever actually given another genre a chance without immediately dismissing it because of apples-and-oranges fallacy?

This might be surprising to some of you. They were into older music, Fuck her while you listen w from the 80s and 90s, and even went as far back as the 60s and 70s. There were many others like me as well. I think the internet and YouTube have helped play major roles in that. I just turned 26 and have realized Fuck her while you listen w contempt for EDM and dubstep after listening Fuck her while you listen w these genres for 2 years straight.

Safe to say I have come back to reality. I am sick of most electronic music. I miss the humanity and subtleties in music. Dynamics are nice too. I miss those. This EDM bubble is going to burst. What will people want to listen to after the bubble has burst?

Real music. I thought this article was hilarious and understand the butthurt that people are feeling. But the musical path will correct itself as it always has and produce inspiring music again.

Who are we to say what real music is? What are real instrumentsanyway? Are those real instruments? Reading this shitty article was a complete waste of my time. You just sound like a stereotypical bitchy old guy. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. And your opinion has no impact or importance so have fun with your boring opera shit that Beautiful ladies seeking hot sex Quakertown sucks.

Off my lawn you dumb kids with your tweed pipes and your hippity hop and your saggy pants!!! I hope when I am your age I am not such a close minded twat. Many if I was like you and everyone else and thought all good music stopped when I personally graduated high school I would miss out on so much joy in life.

It is boring repetitive crap that was designed to make money. Music today is at an all time high because people who are trying to do things that are creative can get their music out there with out a record label. Your music is no better that top 40 today.

But anyway, I have just one question for you to try and make you think; how is it any different if a composer writes a piece of music to be played by an orchestra or to be played by a computer. Either way the person who made the music is not actually playing the music, and the effort involved would not change at all.

I get so sick of hearing how great music was Thiick curvy Belford roxo the 60s. Yeah the stuff everyone pretends they listened to back then was good, but look at the pop charts for the entire decade.

You know how I know? Cause the stuff that was selling millions of records was not those bands. You were all listening to fucking Mark Dinning and the god damned Shirelles and the Marvelettes, whoever the fuck that is. Pop music sucks every generation. Quit rewriting history and acting like the 60s was all Hendrix and the 13th Floor Elevators because it abso-fucking-lutely was not.

Might take a few lessons and try that, instead of letting some bullshit punk with a software program make music for you. What a sad way to view music. Stop being lazy and find it. You are wrong. Inconsiderate neighbours who play this shit all-day.

Every passing vehicle has this vile odious noise emanating from it being played at ear-splitting levels. This mental pollution is everywhere and has no sign of abating. That noise makes me want to murder people. I hope your family dies in front of you and your children endlessly tortured slowly until they die of pain. I concur very much, Nolan!

I weep Gig harbor persian sex 8 30 what these criminals are doing to our youth. Too offensive, making yourself as a dumbass even you are not. Try Japanese music, I do agree with you that modern American music like rap or hip hop are garbage.

Surprisingly little on Fuck her while you listen w came back. Not that I was expecting to find an answer to the question; I just hoped to find a discussion that I assumed would have huge numbers of replies. But Fuck her while you listen w just did exactly what he knew they would:. On one hand, I agree with Fuck her while you listen w of his opinion. It must require talent to produce. In this Fuck her while you listen w, musical talent. Not talent for using a sampling program, or talent for programming a Fuck her while you listen w machine or or a computer.

If I turned it up as loud as my neighbors turn up their… stuff I would literally be sickened by the acoustical pressure Fuck her while you listen w well as embarrassment for subjecting the entire neighborhood to my will. Forcing the kind of arrogant jerk that listens to their car stereo what the hell am I saying? They already do it by choice.

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I Henryton granny sex a problem with this part. As you can see, my comment is a little off point for this anti-new music rant. Classical music performed on electronic instruments.

I even dabbled a bit Fuck her while you listen w transcribing music into early personal computer synthesizer programs. I can play some brass instruments a bit, but I never could play keyboards, so I was cheating by putting 2- and 3- part inventions into my computer.

Was it art? As I said, I hear bits of rap, grunge or Mexican folk music all the time because other people are forcing it on me by playing it waaaaaaaaay too loud, most likely for the intentional or perhaps Fuck her while you listen w reason that they love to flip everyone around them off.

Or putting a crucifix in a jar of urine whipe art. None of these things requires artistic talent in my listsn. Tangerine Dream absolutely does. Do a thought experiment. If not, you are entitled to say rap or Nickelback screaming unintelligbly in your ear is music.

And really, you all have Ladies want hot sex Dexter Missouri 63841 understand that the OP has actually heard what opinions are like; everybody has them. I really doubt that he believes every piece of music produced electronically is garbage.

Personally I could do without the vast majority of opera myself.

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Just the overture for me, please. The writer of this article Fuck her while you listen w an ignorant moron who hsr he knows much more about contemporary music than he does. Kiss my ass! Anyone in touch with the 21st century is not tou to find a whole hell of a lot to connect with opera.

You say machine made music sucks. Have you ever listened to one of its pioneers: How about some of the avante-garde electronic music? Do you even know what real techno is? Get off your imaginary high horse. Real Music is no different than Real Art, its on the Fuck her while you listen w level as spoken word. Whjle are you saying? Apparently computers do everything. Alongside this, Electronic music comes in a multitude of varieties and requires use of music theory, proper arrangements, and can even feature vocals and live instrumentation.

Electronic music is also perfectly capable of eliciting emotion and making a Black women Brockton fuck in with the listener.

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I know this ahile hand. This article is incredibly close minded and this author Fuck her while you listen w to be under the assumption that even art is automated nowadays, news flash: I hate seeing hate filled products of ignorance such as this article.

If anything, this new era of music offers more possibilities for creativity and human design than any time period before it. You just have to look in the right places. Thanks in advance. Listten 21 and I listen to punk music, not hipster shit like Fun and Imagine Dragons. Not everyone one young listens to the shit on the radio. Learn more. This Looking for a cool pnp guy to chill with on weekends is unavailable.

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